Thursday, May 16, 2013

College Go Green: Living A Green Life In College

Below you will find College Go Green's preview of our Kickstarter project.  Watch the video and and let us know what you think.  If everything goes as planned the funding will help College Go Green grow substantially and we can provide more content to help inspire ideas for going green and green living. 

The mission is to share great ideas with ecologically conscious college students looking to save money and save the planet.
Know Your Space: Green and Sustainable Design

The purpose of College Go Green is to empower college students by giving them examples of  how their living spaces can be used for smart and sustainable indoor plant growing projects. In college there are three main types of living spaces: the dorm room, the apartment, and the house. Depending on where one stays, space maybe limited or copious. Available space factors greatly into the size of prospective projects. 
Sustainability is key
 To make this idea possible College Go Green will share how-to information about turning living spaces into a productive area. If you live in a dorm, if you live in an apartment, or if you live in a house you'll find great projects you can start at reasonable prizes. If done correctly the long term effects of choosing to practice sustainability can lead to more money in your pocket and a feeling of accomplishment. Most importantly, you will be broadening your knowledge on how to live ecologically later in life.

Dorm Room Garden
Dorm Room Garden
What's The Plan and How Can You Help?
College Go Green is dedicated to educating college students about what they can to be more eco-conscious.  This will be done via informational sessions at various local colleges first.  Once the word has spread College Go Green will expand it's outreach to other colleges.  The more success we experience the farther we'll spread our reach.  That last point is why we need your help.  We have to print material to inform students about how easy it is to go green.  We also have to travel to throughout the southeast.

Apartment Plants Under Growlight
Apartment Plants Under Growlight

Vertical Garden on the side of house
Vertical Garden on the side of house
Please be sure to read my bio to learn more about me and why I have a passion to teach others the importance of green living and sustainability.
Ask or Answer. Share and Save.

Risks and Challenges

The major challenge for this endeavor is the cost of travel and getting permission from schools to host events on their campuses. To overcome this last challenge we plan to pitch our cause with the added benefit of brochures and pamphlets.
For the cost of travelling our team is working to convert the material from our blog to an eBook. The eBook is scheduled to be released by the beginning of the 2013-2014 academic year.

Do you have a project, story, or idea you’d like to share with us? Hit us up on social media or contact Phillip Stringer at

Twitter: @CollegeGoGreen
Facebook: College Go Green

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